How To Remove A Collection Charge Offs From AFNI Collection Agency

AFNI Collections, a debt collection agency, located in Bloomington, Illinois buys old credits from creditors. Anderson Financial Network and AFNI Bloom are the other names of this collection agency. The agency is facing lots of complaints from consumers when it comes to get people to pay old debts. Most of these debts are beyond the statues of limitations (SOL). According to Federal law, there is time duration for creditors or collectors to collect the debt. Consumers are not liable or obliged to pay debts when it reaches its SOL.

Complaints against AFNI

afni collection agencyAFNI is facing numerous complaints from consumers who face threats, harassments or poor treatment from AFNI. Paid debt or re-aged debt is the biggest complaint against this collection agency. The company purchases old collection charge off debts, which apparently has reached the SOL and report it as collectible debt to the credit bureaus. Even after repaying the debts, consumers are again receiving collection calls and letters from the agency.

Consumers are also getting repeated phone calls or letters from AFNI for debt belonging to someone else, which is the other biggest complaint against AFNI. When consumers ask to validate the debt, AFNI Bloom is not ready to give any information other than what consumers allegedly owe.

How To Solve The Problem?

If you are also facing such problems from this company, according to you should keep away from paying anything to this AFNI collection agency until you establish a few facets. Then, you need to try a couple of alternatives to pay the full amount that they say you owe. Validating the debt is essential to determine whether the debt is yours or not. If the debt is yours and the SOL may have expired, AFNI has no right to collect the debt. If you are sure that the debt is expired, then you should send an Expired SOL Notification letter to AFNI. So, they will realize that they have no right to contact this consumer and threaten calls will not work in this particular case.


If AFNI Collections is not ready to validate your debt, you can seek legal recourse through State Attorney General. If the collection agency contacts you continue even after sending a debt verification letter, the collection agency is violating the law.

Removing Charge offs1When AFNI Collections purchase debts from an original creditor or from other collection agencies, they may not get a perfect record with accurate details about the debts. Due to clerical errors or improperly merged database, it can lead to credit reporting errors to credit bureaus. So, you are the best to keep your credit report accurately and timely.

If your credit report is not accurate, you should send an item verification letter to the credit bureaus. You should also ask them to remove the items that are inaccurate or incomplete.

It is better to contact the credit bureaus by letter. In the letter, you should mention clearly regarding the items that are inaccurate. If you provide supporting documentation, it will help to speed up the procedure. The credit bureau should start an investigation regarding the matter within 30 days after it receives the complaint. Credit bureaus must remove the debt if AFNI Inc failed to verify the information within 45 days of dispute. You can contact a company, which specializes in dealing with unscrupulous debt collectors if disputing the debt with credit bureaus or requesting the validity of debt does not work.