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How To Remove A Collection Charge Offs From AFNI Collection Agency

AFNI Collections, a debt collection agency, located in Bloomington, Illinois buys old credits from creditors. Anderson Financial Network and AFNI Bloom are the other names of this collection agency. The agency is facing lots of complaints from consumers when it comes to get people to pay old debts. Most of these debts are beyond the statues of limitations (SOL). According to Federal law, there is time duration for creditors or collectors to collect the debt. Consumers are not liable or obliged to pay debts when it reaches its SOL.

Complaints against AFNI

afni collection agencyAFNI is facing numerous complaints from consumers who face threats, harassments or poor treatment from AFNI. Paid debt or re-aged debt is the biggest complaint against this collection agency. The company purchases old collection charge off debts, which apparently has reached the SOL and report it as collectible debt to the credit bureaus. Even after repaying the debts, consumers are again receiving collection calls and letters from the agency.

Consumers are also getting repeated phone calls or letters from AFNI for debt belonging to someone else, which is the other biggest complaint against AFNI. When consumers ask to validate the debt, AFNI Bloom is not ready to give any information other than what consumers allegedly owe.

How To Solve The Problem?

If you are also facing such problems from this company, according to you should keep away from paying anything to this AFNI collection agency until you establish a few facets. Then, you need to try a couple of alternatives to pay the full amount that they say you owe. Validating the debt is essential to determine whether the debt is yours or not. If the debt is yours and the SOL may have expired, AFNI has no right to collect the debt. If you are sure that the debt is expired, then you should send an Expired SOL Notification letter to AFNI. So, they will realize that they have no right to contact this consumer and threaten calls will not work in this particular case.


If AFNI Collections is not ready to validate your debt, you can seek legal recourse through State Attorney General. If the collection agency contacts you continue even after sending a debt verification letter, the collection agency is violating the law.

Removing Charge offs1When AFNI Collections purchase debts from an original creditor or from other collection agencies, they may not get a perfect record with accurate details about the debts. Due to clerical errors or improperly merged database, it can lead to credit reporting errors to credit bureaus. So, you are the best to keep your credit report accurately and timely.

If your credit report is not accurate, you should send an item verification letter to the credit bureaus. You should also ask them to remove the items that are inaccurate or incomplete.

It is better to contact the credit bureaus by letter. In the letter, you should mention clearly regarding the items that are inaccurate. If you provide supporting documentation, it will help to speed up the procedure. The credit bureau should start an investigation regarding the matter within 30 days after it receives the complaint. Credit bureaus must remove the debt if AFNI Inc failed to verify the information within 45 days of dispute. You can contact a company, which specializes in dealing with unscrupulous debt collectors if disputing the debt with credit bureaus or requesting the validity of debt does not work.



How to Repair a Poor Credit Score

A credit score is basically what any lender will look at before availing you the credit service that you need. Whether you are applying for a credit card, a business loan or even a mortgage, you will not be able to succeed with a poor credit score. It is vital that if your credit score is already poor, you work on repairing it first before you go seeking the credit services.

Causes of and how to repair a poor credit score.


· Little or no credit history at all.
Sometimes, you might never have borrowed from any institution. When you approach a lender and he pulls your credit score, there is not much to go by. The lender might be hesitant about availing you credit because he is not sure whether or not you have the ability to pay at all. This can only be solved by trying to get a few credit services and servicing them well so that a lender sees your potential and is able to trust you.

· Mistakes on credit files
There are times when you might take a credit facility but not fill the credit application forms with all the correct information. Every credit facility that you take leaves an electric trail that future lenders will look at. Simple information like the business you are doing, you contacts and postal address need to be filled correctly in order to avoid mistakes that make you look like you have a poor credit score.

· Not paying on time
This is the biggest contributor to poor credit scoring. When you go to credit scoring sites such as The Experian scoring system, you will realize that most people are given a poor score because of small loans and credit card bills that they failed to pay on time. It is prudent that when you take a credit service, you make arrangements to have your payments done on time so that this does not affect your future borrowing.

Reparing of the credit report

The most important tip on how to repair a poor credit score is to look back at all credit facilities that you might have taken in the past and correct all the mistakes that might have been made. If you didn’t finish your payments, make arrangements to do so. If you made some simple mistakes while filling the application forms in your previous facilities ensure that you correct them and have your lenders update the information. There are times when you might be listed as having a poor credit score by mistake. Go through every little thing and ensure that information is captured and filed correctly. This way if the poor credit score was given because of these mistakes, you will be able to correct them.

Credit Repair for Bad Credit

Having good credit is the key influential factor on how you can obtain loans and enjoy other financial benefits from banks, cooperatives and other lending institutions. The best way to ensure a good and reliable credit history is by responsibly managing one’s credit from time to time However, if this was unsuccessful, numerous ways might help one in fixing a bad credit.

The first and basic step in fixing a bad credit is having the knowledge about the credit and acknowledging the gravity of the problem. This information is gathered from the credit score and credit report documents. The documents provide with sufficient information on the scores, errors, late payments and your debt-to-credit ratio.

This information will help identify the area with the problem and help one fix it In case of any errors found in the documents, it is only wise that an individual would dispute them. Alert the credit bureau of any errors and prove the errors to help them rectify the errors.

What are other ways to help improve your credit?

credit repair (2)Another way of improving credit is by maintaining a debt less than 20%. This, in addition to maintaining a credit card balance of 10%, will increase the credit score. Here, individuals are advised to pay off the credits. Several methods have proven to bear fruits in the methods through which individuals should organize the schedule for paying their debts. Organizing the debt from the biggest amount to the smallest amount, according to the rate of interest are among the plans individuals can consider. Maintaining a good credit report is also indispensable if one is to fix a bad credit.

Having a clear and consistent budget will help not only to meet financial obligations but also to help the problem of overspending. Paying bills on time will also ensure a good credit report. Another method is applying for credit-builder prepaid and credit cards.

These cards improve an individual’s credit score, which is achieved by borrowing cash from the card company and effectively paying it This custom helps improve one’s credit reports. In the quest for repairing bad credit, individuals often get offers from different companies. Some of these offers are appealing but analyzing them critically will help them from falling prey to frauds and swindlers. Some of these companies do not have a problem breaking the law just to get that dime from you They will come up with offers and claims of segregating one’s files so that all the old debts disappear, little do individuals know that they are stolen information and not their own. For more about use click here.

The Best Ways to Fix Your Credit before buying investments

Every successful business operator looks forward to getting the best investments in the future. This is a process that keeps many individuals focused to life’s goals regardless of their job titles to harbor dreams in their heart that they must wake up every day to nurture and work towards getting the success of their business. However, there are certain rules and important information that you must keep in mind in order to get the perfect outcome. Fixing your credit before buying an investment is a sure approach that calls for the right understanding of what you intend to do. In real estate investments, making the first attempt is much important.

Fixing your credit before any purchase will save you a lot. This is a smart strategy from a company that perfectly helps you to secure your money. You need to plan well and have some crucial documents as well as backup plans. Such as:

• Checking your credit.
• Knowing exactly what you want.
• Being familiar with the numbers.
• Gathering your paper work.

Checking your credit

There may be some mistakes or items you need to address earlier on before any progress. You, therefore, should check your credit and make sure that you professionally avoid making actions before consulting an expert. Be sure not to close any old accounts or make a move to pay collection accounts before getting the loan first.

Knowing exactly what you want

Start by making a decision on what you really want. Remember that rehab clinics may offer great financing, but this will highly depend on the location of the property and how you will make your business prosperous. It’s important to talk to a tax advisor who will shed more light on the same issue. Be very sure to avoid illegal scams that may land you to the wrong side of the law.

Being familiar with the numbers

Understand that all investors have different goals. Rehab properties can be bought and later sold quickly for a big profit. Be very realistic and smart to familiarize yourself with numbers. While rehab deal may sound good, it too has its own risks and things to tackle. So be sharp enough to know the cost of advisor’s fees, downpayment and repairs plus many other matters.

Gathering your paperwork

You need to be ready to produce copies of your bank statements; retirement accounts and investment account statement. You need to plan yourself well for the social security card, drivers’ license, divorce or separation as well as bankruptcy papers. If you are self-employed, you will be required to show occupational license, businesses license, CPA Letter to show two years self-job, returns of the last two years, financial statements and bank statements of your business.